Our interaction with you shall always start with discussion on protecting intellectual property rights for both parties. We understand how much you care about your business idea. Starting with Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) shall allow both of us to freely exchange ideas to make the end product market ready.


In order to enable us on path of making a great product, you need to tell us your vision, features, and design preferences as clearly as possible. Our project managers are good listeners, at the same time they understand the technology in-and-out to give recommendations which can make the product more meaningful for its end custom


We love commitments, but any partnership requires trust and understanding which develops by working together. Demo work assignment lays path for long term business partnership which can open avenues for mutual success. This demo project can take anything between 2 hours to 2 months, based on overall scope of project engagement.


We work hard, we work on different things at the same time to ensure efficiency and we also know the importance of taking a time to look back on work done. This assessment allows both of us to be familiarized with each other's working style and also make notes on what is working and what is not working for future reference.


Service Level Agreement (SLA) is the most important phase of any project engagement. Here we promise you the deliverables. Keeping honest approach, prudent management and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the project are founding principles of Nividata Consultancy. Besides, SLA allows us to keep check on quality of the work as well.


We all are humans only and being human means there is always a scope for improvement. Your feedback is important as it will not only make us better service provider, but it will also allow us to analyze areas of improvement in our processes. This means better quality of work and higher return of investment for your time, efforts and investment.


We are good programmers and with our experience in technology domain, we have also become very good consultants. We understand the markets and customer behavior with respect to technology adoption. If you wish, you can also avail our consultation service to perceive optimum growth for your business.