What is IoT?

We are heading towards the era where our devices can send or receive signals via the internet. These devices can be your car, wearable devices, washing machine, phones, computers, and all other electronic devices. This technology is the Internet Of Things (IoT).

NiviData is investing heavily in Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer smart solutions to our clients. We have designed a Smart Farming Solution with the help of AWS composite tools. This solution is used to monitor farm-related activities via sensors installed on the farm. The admin panel was developed using React JS with AWS Serverless Architecture.

Our expert team is creative and smart enough to blend your IoT based requirement into smart solutions, which can enhance your user’s experience. We believe in end-to-end solutions. From hardware to software, we commit to provide a one-stop solution to all your requirements.


Meet Our Experts

Hitesh Bheda

From an idea to a full-scale product that customers are proud of, Hitesh knows what's going to work best for your brand / company using leading technologies.